A graduate of ESSEC, Frank started his career in 1990 at Société Générale, where he participated in the creation of a bond options' desk, before expanding the activity to Japan. He then joined Paribas Tokyo and gave a new impetus to the index derivatives trading activity. After eight years in Japan, Frank moved to London, where he was head of the warrants team until the merger with BNP. He subsequently conducted an advisory mission preparing the establishment of Dexia's subsidiary in Japan, before founding an asset management company - authorized and regulated by the AMF - in 2006, and running an algorithmic trading Fund.


In 2009, Frank decided to move away from financial markets in order to carry out historic research on Japan's international relations. He obtained his Ph.D. in Japanese Modern History in 2012, was full-time lecturer at the university for two years, and became postdoctoral researcher at C.E.J. - Inalco.


In 2016, combining his business experience with his expertise in Japanese language and culture, he founded ARCHIPEL JAPON in order to assist French and Japanese companies by enabling a smooth business expansion in both countries. Frank is a member of S.F.T. and I.T.I.




Supporting the founder, the Japanese translators of ARCHIPEL JAPON have received high-level language training. After having completed a bachelor course at Inalco, they graduated from France's ESIT - École Supérieure d'Interprètes et de Traducteurs, and are well armed to render the depth and complexity of technical documents, initially written in French or English, into Japanese. Their preferred fields of activity include investment banking and asset management, but also the  energy and transport sectors, among others.


Furthermore, their excellent command of the specific competences and particular know-how of interpreting represents a major asset, which makes it possible for our team to assist clients with serenity in individual interviews, meetings, as well as trade negotiations.


Lastly, ARCHIPEL JAPON's experts have all engaged in an occupational activity either in the field of finance, or dealing with major companies within Tokyo's French Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Far from the "out of touch translator" stereotype, they are quite familiar with companies' reality, which makes them reliable and efficient.