ARCHIPEL JAPON specializes in the translation of economic, legal and scientific documentation.


Below are some specific examples of translations performed over the past three years. In addition to these relatively large projects,

ARCHIPEL JAPON carries out daily general or technical translations of one to ten pages for regular clients.




Financial investigation report concerning insider trading, EN>FR, 85 p.


Presentation for Japanese institutional investors, FR>JP, 24 p.


Strategic and financial report of a major energy company, EN>FR, 160 p.


Chinese financial markets quarterly outlook, EN>FR, 21 p.


Memorandum of an infrastructure debt fund, JP>FR, 66 p.






Presentation on intellectual property rights, JP>FR, 18 p.


Business sale agreement, FR>JP, 24 p.



Website of a law firm specialized in intellectual property law, FR>JP, 27 p.


Joint venture agreement in the video game sector, JP>EN, 30 p.


Shareholders' agreement in the energy sector, EN>FR, 47 p.






Academic papers on the history of Japan-Korea relations, JP>FR, 44 p.


Special feature on the seigneurial gardens of the Edo period, JP>FR, 25 p.


Editorials from the Meiji era on diplomacy and international law, JP>FR, 144 p.


Report on the treatment of contaminated water at the Fukushima power plant, JP>FR, 158 p.


Study on the current prospects of oil companies, EN>FR, 39 p.