Highly specialised translation


Since its launch in 2016, ARCHIPEL JAPON specializes in the high-end translation (JP FR EN) of economic, legal and scientific documentation:

  •  Macroeconomic analyses
  •  Fund memorandums
  •  Joint venture agreements
  •  Intellectual property rights
  •  Reports on nuclear facilities
  •  Reports on rail transportation

In order to achieve an impeccable result, the translation is systematically carried out by a native speaker of the target language, then reviewed by a native speaker of the original language.







ARCHIPEL JAPON's expertise is based on the complementary qualifications of various members forming a French-Japanese team, based in Paris and Tokyo.




Qualified to teach Japanese at university level, and holder of a Ph.D. in Japanese studies, Frank Ackerer has a strong background in financial markets and asset management, having worked extensively in top-tier financial institutions in Tokyo, London and Paris.




Graduates of France's ESIT - "École Supérieure d'Interprètes et de Traducteurs", and formerly employed by Tokyo's CCIFJ for some of them, the translators of ARCHIPEL JAPON combine a superior level of language ability with a thorough understanding of companies' needs.